How to Start Using Hotel Mobile Application (SlideShare)

Learn how to use hotel mobile app

For those who decided to stick with hotel mobile applications, I have a message: It is just a beginning! I didn’t mean to terrify you, however, you should understand some basics to not regret the purchase or development of the application later. If you will not able to use the application properly, you will probably blame the application, … read now

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RoomAssistant Blog Survey

Our blog would be nothing without you – our readers! We know that and it wouldn’t make sense to create all this content for somebody else but you. However, we need to know you a little bit better so we can provide you with posts you will consider to be valuable. So, we would love to know … read now

10 Signs You Don’t Need Hotel Mobile App

No, rather standing in the queue

Currently, there is lot of buzz around mobile technology in the hospitality industry. The buzz around hotel mobile app, to be more specific. To be honest, right now, the mobile app is not necessary for all hotels despite all the statistics about their usage. Let me guide you through several circumstances under which guest hotel app … read now