7 Reasons to Turn Your Hotel Brochures Into the Mobile App

Switch your hotel brochure for mobile application

Hotel brochures – unreadable, non-uniformed, impractical to carry. However, latest research conducted by Center for Marketing Technology and International Association of Visitor Information Providers shown that 7 out of 10 tourists and visitors pick-up brochures at their travel destination. Moreover, 95% of visitors had their travel plans influenced by information from a brochures they took. Another important points of … read now

5 New Powerful Stats About Mobile Apps

Mobile app statistics

We already talked about mobile apps usage back then in April. Since then, we have experienced that hoteliers are still somewhat distant when it comes to talk about hotel mobile apps. They claim it is too soon for apps, that there are only temporary trend but what we see is the exact opposite. Let’s look at new … read now

RoomAssistant signed with Akaryn Hotel Group

Akaryn Hotel Group RoomAssistant

We are pleased to announce that on December 1, we are launching RoomAssistant in Akaryn Hotel Group. In the first round, the following 3 hotels will be involved: Aleenta Phuket Akyra Beach Club Akyra Thonglor Bangkok The rest of Akaryn’s hotels will join the application over the upcoming months. The mobile application Akaryn Hotel Group will be … read now

QUIZ: Shocking facts you didn’t know about hotels

RoomAssistant hotel quiz

We love to play. We love the game time. And we think you all deserve to get loose and have a little bit of fun. This is why our colleague Lenka prepared this short quiz – to make you shocked a little bit, to entertain you, and maybe to learn something interesting to share with … read now

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