How Being Old School Can Kill The Vibe of Your Hotel

Modern technology in hotels

This post should be changed to “Thank God for the smart people that were able to invent new technlogy and for enough smart people who can use it precisely.” That’s the reason why you can read this post, anyway. But as you might guess, the technologies like the Internet, computers or mobile devices were made to ease your life. And you also guess right when you think that your guests use this technology to ease their life, too. And also speed up the processes of doing things.

Actually when I talk about speeding up the process, I also talk about your hotel. Remember one thing: Guests are impatient. Again. Guests are impatient! Especially if you are in Europe, people are not willing to wait longer. So they leave. They leave and come somewhere where they don’t have to wait. Recently, we did little research and we have found out that 67% of your guests will not order the service or will not wait for the information about the service when the front desk is busy. People hate queues, for real. 

Imagine the number of guests from booking engines and deal sites that come to your hotel. Now imagine the amount of money you are loosing by running your listings. Are you sure you can afford your guest not to order from you? Think about it for a minute.

And now we are coming back to the intro of this post – technology. Today, it is not difficult to make your services easily accessible. You can use the Internet, mobile apps and other media to serve your guests in real time without stealing their time. How so? Imagine the guest who wants to reserve a tennis court in your hotel. She open her hotel mobile app during the trip around the city and send an inquiry to reception. When front desk receives the inquiry, a receptionist checks the availability and confirm the reservation. Where is the difference.

Now consider the old school way. I really want to play a tennis so I have to go to the front desk to book a court. I am standing in a queue tapping my foot like Michael Flatley. When I have to wait for 10 minutes, I am little bit of angry – I would wait but I am not pleasant anymore, or I leave. But this applies not only to booking but also to general inquiries like hotel or cleaning service request.

With modern technologies, guests don’t loose any of their valuable time. Even if they have to wait for the confirmation for several minutes. Why? Because they are not trapped at the front desk. They can do whatever they want, wherever they want and during this activity, the confirmation or answer comes. Everybody’s happy.

Many hotel managers say that personal contact is priceless. I think it is not true when you have 150 guests in your hotel. You need to process all their requests quickly, without killing their comfort. Modern technologies will help you. So don’t be afraid your guests will not be able to use them. They already use them!


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