3 Ways to Make Your Guests Use Hotel App

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We talked to a huge number of hotel managers and when the topic came to mobile apps, they like the idea but they are concerned about one particular thing – how can they make their guests to actually use the app? Is this as critical question as it sounds? With just one word, yes. Because only when people use the app, they can extract the value of it and this is why you have provided the app in the first place, haven’t you? On the other hand, you, as a hotel owner/manager/whatever cannot extract the value neither.

From the previous talk, it is obvious that your goal is to make as many guests use the app as possible. Only this way you can track their behavior and provide taylored experience to them. So how would you make them use it? We are going to show you within this post.


1.) Tell them you have some…

This one might sounds obvious but you would wonder how many people actually don’t give a damn about things they have to find on their own. Do not assume that people will be proactive, you have to be the one! So don’t miss any opportunity to let them know you have something they can benefit from during their stay.

Be sure that you will provide welcome flyer with the description of the app and relevant benefits it provides during the check-in. Make sure it contains links to your app in Google Play and App Store. Nonetheless QR codes are not mass used some people do use them so include them to the note, too. It cost you nothing and it can improve at least some people’s experience.


2.) Design a dedicated Wi-Fi splash screen

Let’s face it! A lot of people don’t read brochures and flyers so info about your app might end up in the trash. But what people really do is that they use hotel Wi-Fi network. And here is when splash sreen comes into the game. Spend some resources to design splash screen appealing to app download and provide the relevant links to it. Another way to promote the app is by granting access only after app store is visited. This will improve visibility and thus increase chances to download it.

When you decide to use splash screen, you should figure out A/B testing in order to ensure best possible performance. You can tests elements on the screen as well as the way you will promote the app (links to store vs. actual visit of the store).


3.) Select services available only within the app

This one might sounds restrictively (especially for those who do not have a mobile device) but works pretty well. The idea here is to push customer into app usage indirectly. Imagine this situation:

Guest: Hi, I can I see the list of upcoming events?

Receptionist: Of course, here you are but you can find it in our app, too. In addition, you can book your seats wit the use of the app.

You have the idea, right?

Be cautious about features you will select to use strictly within the app. The goal here is to find out the right balance as you can face 2 problems. First one, you can restrict so many features that people actually get angry. Second one, you can restrict unimportant ones that will not motivate people to use the app.


In this article, you found some ideas to boost the volume of your app users. Let us know what worked for you. And if you have some additional ideas, definitely let us know!

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