Weapons of Influence For Your Hotel Marketing and Sales Strategy (Part 2)

Weapons of influence

Last week, we introduced Robert Cialdini’s concept Weapons of Influence and its use in hotel and marketing strategy of your hotel. You can recall it here. After week, it’s time to continue with another 3 weapons that can help you persuade your current or potential guests. So let’s jump on the train!


4. Liking

The principle of liking says that people are easily persuaded by other people they like. It doesn’t necessarily mean you have to hire some celebrity to promote you (despite the fact you can and it would be perfect). Try to check Mandarin Oriental’s Our Celebrity Fans to inspire yourself. You can watch videos with Morgan Freeman, Kevin Spacey, Christian Louboutin. You can also watch a little taster with Vanessa Mae:

Does it work? Ask Mandarin Oriental.

I know that budget is often tight and you don’t have enough money that should be spent on celebrities. However, you can still use a shortcut and hire some likeable person that will become the face of your hotel. Moreover, you can create some cute fictional character, a mascot, that will please your website visitors or guests. But be careful here! Mascot can become annoying very quickly.


5. Authority

Authority is based on respect or obedience towards professions, job titles, uniforms or material things. This one is pretty straightforward and you can accomplish it in different ways. The easiest one is to let your general manager, or chain owner talk to your guests. Let him/her present their vision about guests experience, or simply greet your guests.

You can also connect this principle with the social proof. Can you get any industry experts to talk about you? If so, contact them and offer them several free nights as your “thank you“. You can attract much attention because experts don’t usually talk about routine things.


6. Scarcity

Scarcity is connected to shortage. Shortage of time or quantity. People feel under pressure when they have only several minutes to decide or if there are only several rooms available before there are sold out. Booking.com does pretty good job with scarcity principle.

Scarcity at Booking.com

As image above shows, Booking tries to push users into action with quantity limitation. Countdown can be also used in order to force users into action.

Think about it and ask yourself a question: “What does keep me from using these techniques on my website?” If your answer is nothing, you should probably get your marketing staff and web develop to start working on it.


Do you have any experience with mentioned weapons of influence? How did you use them? What did work for you? Share your story in comments!


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