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Best hotel blog posts

2016 is nearly over and it is time to sumarize it. During last 12 months, we published 51 posts (including this one) that were read by thousands of people – you are probably among them, too! This is the time to say “THANK YOU” for spending your time with us.

To remind you what we were up to during the year, let me present to you 5 most popular posts that have the highest number of views. Some of them are little bit unexpected, however, the whole world is unexpected and upredictable. Without any further blah blah blah, let’s jump to the list!

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#5: How Being Old School Can Kill The Vibe of Your Hotel

This one kind of surprised me (I wouldn’t believe it would make it so far). However, this eye-opening post probably made several hoteliers pissed. Why? Because it points out to areas that are still overlooked. Yes, sometimes I feel like hotel managers live in their 10 years old bubble without accepting the fact that industry has changed. Maybe my anger made it one of the most popular posts so far…


#4: 5 Huge Benefits of having Hotel Mobile Apps

Actually, this is our only guest blog post by Sabrina Ridley and it has brung a lot of attention so far. It is a story of how mobile technology can improve the experience of the guest. Yes, this kind of experience is what makes travelers to visit your hotel (again). Find out more by reading it!


#3: 5 Funny Memes Describing Feelings of Hotel Employees

The success of this post simply proves that people (even hoteliers) just want to have fun. If you are either hotel manager or work in the hotel, you would certainly understand the situations explained by these memes. Enjoy!


#2: How to Avoid Negative Reviews From Your Guests

Let’s get serious again. Reviews are critical factor when travelers are choosing where to stay during their trip. If your hotel receives negative reviews, it needs 3-times more positive ones to restore the hotel rating. So, the best way to keep the rating high is not to receive negative reviews. This post outlines the methods that will help you fight negative feedback from your guests.


#1: Weapons of Influence For Your Hotel Marketing and Sales Strategy (Part 1)

And the winner is… psychology! Robert Cialdini described tactics that make sales people more persuasive. Nowadays, these practices are highly adopted in marketing and sales all over the world. Why wouldn’t you adopt it in your hotel, too?


BONUS: eBook that will teach you how to use mobile applications in your hotel

Although we have a lot of great posts, none of them was so successful as our eBook Your hotel in one App: An actionable guide to boost your sales and service with hotel mobile application. This 28 pages long eBook provides information on how to prepare and promote your hotel application, how to use it for marketing, sales and customer service. Must read for each hotelier!


I am looking forward to seeing you in 2017!


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