3 Terrible Stats To Make You Re-think Your Hotel Strategy

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If you are our regular reader, you probably noticed we published a new quiz several weeks ago. What looked as a fun turned out to reveal 3 shocking outcomes we needed to share with you today! If you can find similarities, you should adjust your hotel strategy a little.


71% of hoteliers stated that from time to time, they see a guest’s review with the problem that could be solved. Another 14% stated that they receive them, however, cannot persuade their guests to let hotel know about their problem when they are in the hotel.


This one is huge. It basically means that hotels fail to provide their guests with an easy way to share their problem with hotel staff. And this results in a negative review. However, in case it would be easier for guests to share their problems, it could end up in a better fashion. Hotel could solve the problem of the guest and eliminate dissatisfaction.

Lesson learned: Make it as easy as possible for your guests to let them know when something is not right.


57% of hoteliers admitted, that only several guests come and try their special offers during their stay. Another 29% said that they could do better.


First of all, you should think about ways you promote your special offers? Do you print flyers? Do you spread it among guests in person? Do you send them emails or push notifications? In other words, do you use an effective medium when communicating your special offer? Can you measure how many people viewed your offer and how many of them actually took some offer?

Another question is connected to figuring out if your offer is attractive enough. If it is not, it will not persuade enough people, anyway.

Lesson learned: If your promote an uninteresting special offer via not suitable channels, your guests will not try it.


59% of hoteliers said guests approach their front desk to ask for information that are publicly available.


Lesson learned: Give your guests a source of information that could be easily carried and accessed anywhere your guests are (Hint: mobile application is such a tool).


If you are a hotelier, take this quiz, too! It will help us get more accurate results. We will definitely share new insights with you as soon as something unusual appears in our data.


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