5 New Powerful Stats About Mobile Apps

Mobile app statistics

We already talked about mobile apps usage back then in April. Since then, we have experienced that hoteliers are still somewhat distant when it comes to talk about hotel mobile apps. They claim it is too soon for apps, that there are only temporary trend but what we see is the exact opposite. Let’s look at new stats we mined that (we hope) will change your mind.


Guests who use mobile devices for other purchases are 42.5% more likely to prefer using mobile when ordering food and beverage and prestay services at hotels (Source: Alice).

Yes, you can definitely upsell to your guests and gain additional revenue. Or you can still expect the guests will visit your busy front desk…


75% of Millennials would rather lose the ability to talk versus text (Source: MediaPost).

I often hear “Why would people send us message if they can call us?” The simple answer is: because it is just the way they live.


The average mobile user unlocks its mobile device 150 times per day (Source: Frederic Gonzalo).

Do you think your push notification will be overlooked? Do you think that your guests will check your posters about special offers 150 times per day? Perhaps not.


It is predicted that in 2016, the amount of revenue generated using mobile apps will be 50.9 billion USD. In 2020, it will be 101.1 billion USD (Source: Statista).

Yes, people spend their money via applications and their purchasing behaviour will be attached to mobile apps in an increasing extent. As apps are more user friendly, there is no doubt people will skip website visits to fulfill their needs.


90% of time on mobile is spent in apps (Source: Flurry Analytics).

Yeah, your mobile-optimized website is cool but people would enjoy to be in touch with you via mobile app. They don’t have to remember your website URL or find a bookmark. Moreover, apps are faster, easier to browse, more personalized and often work offline. Do you still think that having a website is enough?


Interesting, isn’t it? It certainly doesn’t look like mobile apps are going to disappear, soon. So, instead of refusing them, you should adopt them and gain advantage sooner than your competition will.

If you want to learn more about how your hotel can be more interaction-friendly, schedule a call with me and I will be happy to discuss it with you.


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