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Ideal client manifesto

We often write about how our customers (hotels that use mobile application) can take the most of their hotel mobile apps. However, at the end of the day, hotels themselves are the drivers of the success of the tool.


Because mobile app is just a tool. Same as the Facebook or MailChimp for emails. Do these tools make you master of mobile app marketing, Facebook marketing or email marketing? You guessed it right – certainly don’t!

What makes the tool to be a success story is the team who can utilize and leverage it in order to take advantage of it. And to be honest, there are not many clients who fully understand this critical point. The worst part is that in most cases, if something doesn’t work, it is not fault of the people who used it, it is the fault of the tool. Poor mobile app, poor Facebook, poor MailChimp.

Yes, we have clients that are successful with their mobile app initiatives. And we also have some of them who are less than less successful. However, we found out there is a strong line between those two groups. We also found out there are certain features hotels should have in order to be successful with their new technology. And these are covered in our manifesto.


The Ideal Client Manifesto

  1. Our beloved clients understand that hotel mobile application will not do the job itself. It is necessary to put certain amount of efforts in order to make it work.
  2. Our beloved clients are willing to learn how to use mobile application for marketing, sales and customer service.
  3. Our beloved clients understand mobile app is a powerful marketing tool and don’t make its implementation and operation the job for the intern.
  4. Hotels we admire are able to persuade their co-workers the change is great and can bring new opportunities. Agent of change can make the team inside the hotel unify to bring a great new innovation to their guests.
  5. Hotels we admire don’t fight against us. They fight with us in order to beat the sales and produce great customer reviews.
  6. Hotels we admire makes sure everybody in their team fully understands the application, its use and capabilities.
  7. Hotels we admire are open to have a fun with us in deeper than corporate level.


Do you see your hotel in this manifesto? If yes, we are more than happy to work with you and do the great things. Contact us and find out how our partnership can boost the experience of your guests!

Let me also thank to our wonderful clients that made us create this manifesto. You are the best!


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