5 Huge Benefits of having Hotel Mobile Apps

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Imagine Mr. Myers, a businesswoman is on a business trip to London. Outside Heathrow airport, she takes out her smartphone, opens the hotel mobile app and checks-in to her hotel. Within seconds she receives a notification that her room is ready. As soon as  Mrs. Myers enters the hotel, she receives a welcome message with her booking details and her room number. She passes the reception and heads straight to her room unlocking it with her smartphone. Mrs. Myers then instructs a room attendant through chat facility in her app to order dinner and book a car for the next morning.


Isn’t this easy and convenient? Welcome to a new era of the hospitality!


Unlike before, where guests had to stand up in queues to fill forms about the details of their intended stays, now the whole process of check-in and check-out has been characterised with flexibility and exceptional technology oriented customer service. The hotel industry has moved to answering new demands for updated technology majorly revolving around smartphones. Over the years, customer satisfaction and appraisal with various kinds of hotel services and amenities has evolved, giving more importance to human integration with technology. This new interest has been observed to go beyond free and fast Wi-Fi to more advanced check-in and check-out procedures including keyless rooms and in-room services relegating switchboards to the 20th century.

Taking it a step further, let us see how hotel apps can offer competitive advantages to the hotels and added level of service to their guests. Here are some of the benefits which can indulge hotels to go mobile in 2016:


  • Beyond hotel bookings: Many hotel mobile apps integrate their hotel booking systems for a smooth reservation process while some take advantage of in-app messaging or push notification systems in order to provide valuable information to guest about their stays.
  • Quicker accessibility to information: While many people would agree that nothing beats a face-to-face answer with a smile, most would prefer quick answers, easy access to information and be able to get it anywhere. Mobile apps for hotels are a great opportunity to provide useful information to guests on the go without waiting in line or calling the front desk.
  • Making direct and personal connections with guests: Smartphones are very personal devices that people rely on to do everyday tasks. A mobile app gives a direct link to customers which helps hotel staffs to address customers faster and improve efficiency. If a person downloads your hotel app, they are already demonstrating an interest in your hotel. An app is more personal and effective than a social media profile or a website that isn’t a constant fixture on a mobile phone like an app.
  • Ensuring pleasant stays for guests: With hotel apps, a concierge is only a tap away, ready to answer any question  or providing personalised services. That’s not all. Many hotel apps also provide curated guide and maps to explore the surrounding areas of the hotel. With these useful apps, they can also book dining or spa services even though if they are not present at the hotel. The application also encourages guests to share their hotel experiences via social networks.
  • Promoting special offers to guests: Hotels also have the option to promote special offers through push-notification systems which makes it easier for the guests to book using discount coupons or by integrating with the hotel booking systems.


Learn how your guests can improve their experience by using a hotel mobile app


Thus, from this post, it is very evident that mobile apps for hotels will definitely provide guests with a unique experience, acquiring technology many travelers have in the palm of their hand. So will you join this new evolution in hospitality?

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