Why your hotel website doesn’t capture direct bookings

Hotel website usability direct booking

When I started to write this blog, I told to myself that I wouldn’t write about website usability and related issues – there are tons of articles, books, webinars etc. However, recently I have noticed so many issues on hotel websites that it changed my mind. As I regularly browse websites of our leads and … read now

5 New Powerful Stats About Mobile Apps

Mobile app statistics

We already talked about mobile apps usage back then in April. Since then, we have experienced that hoteliers are still somewhat distant when it comes to talk about hotel mobile apps. They claim it is too soon for apps, that there are only temporary trend but what we see is the exact opposite. Let’s look at new … read now

QUIZ: Shocking facts you didn’t know about hotels

RoomAssistant hotel quiz

We love to play. We love the game time. And we think you all deserve to get loose and have a little bit of fun. This is why our colleague Lenka prepared this short quiz – to make you shocked a little bit, to entertain you, and maybe to learn something interesting to share with … read now

Integration – Alpha and Omega of Your Hotel Software

The importance of API in hospitality

Clearly, the boom of hotel technology industry might be witnessed. During first two quarters of 2016, hotel booking and technology startups raised about $550 million USD (Source: Skift). What does it mean for hotels? The answer is pretty simple – there will be a ton of new technology hotels could implement (in case they would like it). However, … read now