10 Signs You Don’t Need Hotel Mobile App

No, rather standing in the queue

Currently, there is lot of buzz around mobile technology in the hospitality industry. The buzz around hotel mobile app, to be more specific. To be honest, right now, the mobile app is not necessary for all hotels despite all the statistics about their usage. Let me guide you through several circumstances under which guest hotel app … read now

7 Unfair Advantages of Mobile Applications

advantages of mobile apps

The Internet media represented the giant leap for mankind in the era of interruption-based marketing. The majority of businesses (hotels included) have been taking advantage of them until these days. It is nothing special for a company to have a website or social media profiles. However, couple of years ago, the world started to go mobile. This trend started with mobile-optimized … read now

41 Words And Phrases That Will Help You Attract And Convert

Copy that converts

Why do we care about the copy? Because experience shown that change in the copy has the greatest impact on conversions! We already published several stories that dived (more or less deeply) into this topic. We guided you through basic copy rules and afterwards, we mentioned writing skills in articles dedicated to Weapons of Influence and so … read now