7 Clever Examples of Using Push Notifications (Video)

Push Notifications Hotel Mobile App

Push notifications represent one of the major features mobile application gives to the hotelier’s hand. There are messages that pop up on a mobile device in the similar way like incoming SMS or email. However, many hoteliers still don’t understand their potential a little bit. What I value the most about push notifications is that they are action … read now

How to Start Using Hotel Mobile Application (SlideShare)

Learn how to use hotel mobile app

For those who decided to stick with hotel mobile applications, I have a message: It is just a beginning! I didn’t mean to terrify you, however, you should understand some basics to not regret the purchase or development of the application later. If you will not able to use the application properly, you will probably blame the application, … read now

Push Notifications Strategy That Will Raise Your Profits and Guest’s Engagement

Push notification

Push notifications. Simply put, these are messages sent to your mobile device from applications you use that are “stored” in the notification bar of your device. I think many of you see the hidden opportunity of them. The opportunity to not be overlooked. Why? Because push notifications act like incoming e-mail or SMS. Because they ring, … read now