7 Reasons to Turn Your Hotel Brochures Into the Mobile App

Switch your hotel brochure for mobile application

Hotel brochures – unreadable, non-uniformed, impractical to carry. However, latest research conducted by Center for Marketing Technology and International Association of Visitor Information Providers shown that 7 out of 10 tourists and visitors pick-up brochures at their travel destination. Moreover, 95% of visitors had their travel plans influenced by information from a brochures they took. Another important points of … read now

How to Start Using Hotel Mobile Application (SlideShare)

Learn how to use hotel mobile app

For those who decided to stick with hotel mobile applications, I have a message: It is just a beginning! I didn’t mean to terrify you, however, you should understand some basics to not regret the purchase or development of the application later. If you will not able to use the application properly, you will probably blame the application, … read now