Our TOP 2016 posts you shouldn’t miss!

Best hotel blog posts

2016 is nearly over and it is time to sumarize it. During last 12 months, we published 51 posts (including this one) that were read by thousands of people – you are probably among them, too! This is the time to say “THANK YOU” for spending your time with us. To remind you what we were … read now

6 Hotels That Smashed It With Their Christmas Decoration


You can feel it in the air (and at the shopping malls, too) – Christmas is coming! Days full of love and peace. Days we would like to spend with our family at home. Perhaps, there is nothing that would keep you from your lovely home. Well, maybe there is! My colleague Lenka Fabianová did some research and found several … read now

Integration – Alpha and Omega of Your Hotel Software

The importance of API in hospitality

Clearly, the boom of hotel technology industry might be witnessed. During first two quarters of 2016, hotel booking and technology startups raised about $550 million USD (Source: Skift). What does it mean for hotels? The answer is pretty simple – there will be a ton of new technology hotels could implement (in case they would like it). However, … read now