Why Chat is an Inevitable Part of Your Hotel Application

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From time to time we meet with hoteliers who don’t want a chat to be an active part of their hotel app. They are especially affraid that:

  • they will not have enough people to respond to people’s messages (people will wait for too long to responses);
  • they cannot be online 24/7 (there will be nobody to respond during the night hours).

Yes, this might be a problem. However, recent statistics are pretty straightforward:

  • 49% of guests want to talk to hotel staff via mobile devices (Source: SmithMicro)
  • 75% of Millennials would rather lose the ability to talk versus text (Source: MediaPost)

Moreover, if people wouldn’t like to use chat, apps like Messenger or WhatsApp wouldn’t become so successful. The truth is that probably chat is the least disturbing feature in your app because it can be said it is generally known by public. Your guests exactly know what they can expect from the service. In addition, from our experience, the chat has proven itself to be among most frequently used and most useful features in RoomAssistant, too.

Let’s discuss what you and your guests are missing by disabling live chat in your application.


Hotel staff cannot close more sales

Many times guests are browsing your services, however, in the description there might be something unclear or missing. The logic move for guest is to ask via chat. Once the guest reaches your hotel staff, they can provide her with enough information to make her book your services. If the information is not in place and guests cannot get them too, she will probably abandon the booking.

Moreover, chat allows you to stick to some level of personalization, allows you to have a follow-up discussion with your guests with possibility to recommend other services.


You have to approach more guest in person

If you disable the live chat in the application, you actually destroy the main purpose of the app itself – to bypass the necessity to visit reception. However, you will not cut the size of the front-desk queue if guests have to come with every question they have. Again, you risk they will abandon their goal – to book, to inform themselves, to request help – if they have to come and wait.


If you think there are more pros in turning live chat off, do it! However, keep at least these 2 points on mind and ask your guests if they feel it the same way. What are your thoughts on the topic? Would you give the greenlight to the live chat in your hotel?


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