1-Minute Video: How to Communicate the Benefits of Mobile App to Your Guests

benefits of mobile apps

If you are regular visitor of our blog, you are pretty much aware of how hotel mobile application can help your hotel and its guests. However, your guests cannot figure out these benefits on their own and thus, they might not download nor use your application because they don’t see any value from using it. What about make them “ah-ha” by using reasonable points?

The following 1-minute video will teach you how to communicate the benefits of your mobile app to your guests:

Keep in mind that without users, you only have the application. So, the more effective you are in persuading your guests to use the application, the more benefits your hotel can obtain by leveraging broader group of people.

Take this lesson and try what works best for your guests. Don’t forget to let us know in comments. You can also share some other tricks that worked for your hotel.


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