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Last two weeks, I had a chance to try a job of an undercover agent. I went from hotel to hotel (sooorry guys for not letting you know) and asked several people what they consider to be a best hotel application that would help them during their stay. I didn’t want to ask people the particular list of features (there are some reports providing these information). What I was interested in was the genuine feedback without previous hints. And I got what I was looking for. Ready?


‘It should contain all the information I need…’

Some of you might be shocked but I kind of expected it. What almost each guest old me is that they need to know particular information (like check-out time, menu, what is included in the hotel package) without the need to contact some hotel staff. They would appreciate if they could have this kind of information with them anytime, so they could remind it to themselves immediately.

What’s in it for you? Ask your guests what information do they consider to be important and include them in the application.


‘If I wouldn’t find information I was looking for, I wanted to find it easy to contact the hotel staff…’

Despite the fact guests don’t want to interact with hotel staff, they want the option to reach them anytime with ease in case of need or emergency.

What’s in it for you? Provide your guests with the option to contact appropriate person directly. E-mail and phone number that will redirect guests either to their email account or to dial screen is a great option. On behalf of us I can say that live chat might be also a suitable option.


‘I want to know what I can do in the area and what discounts I can apply (if applicable)…’

Yes, people don’t want to be stuck in the hotel room for Christ’s sake! They want to discover. Discover monuments, history, food, people… simply everything. You should definitely inform them about the unusual expriences they can get. If your hotel provides some discount for its guests, you should note that, too.

What’s in it for you? Try the shoes of your guests. What would interest them the most? Do some research and provide them with the coolest options. Invite the owners/managers/operators of these points of interest to have a beer with you and try to negotiate some deals for your guests.


‘I want my requests to be solved via app… as soon as possible!’

In case guests want something, they don’t want to visit the reception (younger people even don’t want to call there). They want to have the option for reservations, complaints, and other administrative work. They also don’t want to wait too long for hotel’s response.

What’s in it for you? Ask your guests what things they would like to order via app, as long as other things they would like to solve by using it. Afterwards, implement them! Have an internal discussion with your team and ask if they are able to respond to enquiries quickly enough, so guests will find it fantastic.


‘I want it to be easy to use’

People I talked to mentioned they deleted many apps because they were difficult to use. They claimed they were illogical and make them feel uncertain during the selection of the next step while using it.

What’s in it for you? Make sure that when you are selecting the vendor of your hotel application, the interface is easy to operate and doesn’t cause any troubles. If you develop the hotel application on your own, certailny hire UX designer who will make it easy-to-digest.


The conclusion of these insights is pretty straightforward – your hotel application have to be useful! So, you should do your best especially in the following areas:

  1. Find out what your guests want
  2. Find the vendor or develop the suitable solution
  3. Confirm guests are enjoying it!

If some help might come in handy, I will be glad to schedule a call with you. You can also ask your questions in comments.


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