41 Words And Phrases That Will Help You Attract And Convert

Copy that converts

Why do we care about the copy? Because experience shown that change in the copy has the greatest impact on conversions! We already published several stories that dived (more or less deeply) into this topic. We guided you through basic copy rules and afterwards, we mentioned writing skills in articles dedicated to Weapons of Influence and so on.

Recently, I was surpised by the post of Natasha Wahid from Wider Funnel about words and phrases that convert. I liked it so much I decided to share some of them with you. So let’s dive in again!


The Top 5 from the list


  1. Tell me the reason why to do this! – “Because“. Yes, “because” can definitely increase the conversion rate.
  2. Don’t make the copy about your company but about your guests. Use “You” to get your guests to the situation. “You” will also make your copy more personal.
  3. Everybody loves “Free“. If you cannot provide anything for free (even if you could), try to test “Save“, “Savings” or “Discount“.
  4. New” will make your guests feel that they explore. Obviously, don’t use the word new if something is pretty common or outdated.
  5. People don’t have time to wait but want to have everything “Instantly” without lots of efforts.


Call-to-action words


Call-to-actions (CTA) should help your guests understand what they should do. As Michael St. Laurent said, adding verb to your CTA will increase click through rate. Let’s look at which verbs can cause it:

  1. Make your guests feel like you are giving them something instead of wanting something (e. g. their contact information) from them. Use “Get” to communicate value you are going to give them. Getting something is awesome! The alternative word might be “Receive“.
  2. Nothing will help your guests they should continue doing something like word “Continue“.
  3. Start” make your guests feel excited to immediately try what you are offering to them.

Natasha also recommends to test “Explore“, “Go“, “Add“, “Try“/”Try it now“/”Try it free“.


Communicate value with the following words


Your value proposition is a very common equation. If the perceived benefits of what you’re selling outweigh the perceived costs of what you’re selling, your guests will be glad to do what you want them to do. Try the following words to communicate your value proposition:

  1. It can personally make me happy when something that I didn’t expect is “Included“. If you provide a service that is not generally a part of the offer, don’t be humble! Instead, let your guests know.
  2. In literature, word “Quality” is sometimes marked as gobbledygook. On the other hand, your guests want to know that they will receive the right quality for what they are giving up.
  3. You should definitely share how “Happy” people are by trying your hotel and its services. You can also use “Satisfied” to communicate the social proof of how many satisfied guests tried your hotel.


Anxiety, urgency and social proof


Anxiety is connected to credibility. If you think your guests might be sensitive to anxiety, you can test to reassure them with the following:

  1. Secure“, “Trusted“, “Verified“, “Guaranteed“. These are just examples of what can make your guests feel comfy e. g. during payment for their online booking.
  2. Talk to“, “24/7“, “Live chat” will make your guests feel like they can contact you anytime when they need your help.
  3. Words “Expert” and “Specialists” will let your guests know that in case of some issue, their requests will be handled by a pro.

Urgency indicate that your desired action should be taken now. In order to communicate the urgency, use the following:

  1. If the quantity or number of spots is small, use “Limited“. This tells your guests that if they will not act now, they might miss the spot.
  2. Hurry“, “Today“, “Before it’s too late” are connected to time urgency. These indicate that your guests don’t have a lot of time to take action.

We already talked about social proof. Social proof means that something is correct because other people before tried it and it was correct. To increase social proof, use the following:

  1. Join [X] satisfied guests” will show your guests the number of people who tried the service.
  2. Recommended“, “Most popular“, “Best selling” will help your guests choose the option that was considered the best by previous users.
  3. Become a member“, “Exclusive” will make your guests feel special.


What you should avoid…


When design your forms, don’t use the formula “We will protect your data and will never spam you.” Why? Because all the guests will see is SPAM! It will definitely add some anxiety to the pot. Don’t mess up your soup by giving your ingredient the wrong name.


Last note


Please, always think it over when using these words so the final product doesn’t sound strange. Any random combination of these words in one sentence will not ensure a billion conversions, trust me. Also connect the right words with your value proposition. Don’t make it confusing just because you should use some of the words mentioned in this post.

If you ask where you should use abovementioned words, the answer is simple – everywhere! Your website, mobile application, e-mails, flyers, posters, whatever… At least you will take advantage of each opportunity to persuade your guests.


What words do you use that proven to increase your conversion rates? Share them in the comments below!


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