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If you are a regular reader of our blog, you know that we discuss many topics regarding hotel marketing and hotel mobile app marketing. Nevertheless these posts are useful and popular among our readers, they sometimes don’t answer the questions of our potential customers. This is why I took this space to answer one of the frequently asked questions I often hear. So, I am sorry to be self-promotional (however, I think we earned this right after all the content we have published).

It is vital to assume (and we do assume) that each tool hotel is acquiring needs to somehow match its needs – content needs, visual needs, functional needs, organizational needs. And if you are not clearly familiar how RoomAssistant can fit your needs, pay attention to the following lines.


How we meet your content needs

Content is a king. And I think it is no surprise we let you be the king of your own one. We can create the whole menu (and menu hierarchy) to be as meaningful as possible for your guests. So you don’t have to fix on the particular content “buckets” when creating the content. This allows you to match the content structure with other media you use such as brochures or website in order to be more consistent.

Our only condition is that we don’t want any information to be further than 3 taps for your guests. This is why you should think about your menu structure in the following guidelines:

Main menu (the main clusters of services you would like to have included in the application) > Submenu (containing the categories under the main cluster) > Service menu (Containing the list of the particular services)

Each service allows you to choose from 3 options. You can decide if you want:

  • to make your service orderable via application;
  • the page to be only informative (without possibility to order);
  • to redirect your guests to the external website.

The cool thing is that we can provide you with the interface in any language you might need for your guests to use. So in case you have several major groups speaking the same language, you can make it easier for them by providing them content in their native language.


How we meet your visual needs

We know branding is important. This is why we can change the color of the application to match one you use anywhere else. In the menu, we will also feature your own photos and pictures to promote your services. Even during the launch of the application, there is the picture of your hotel or room on the background accompanied by your logo.

In case the branding is really important to you, we can even create your own independent application that will stand out in Google Play and AppStore. Your name and icon containing your logo is a matter of course. This option is especially useful for hotel chains.


roomassistant mobile application welcome screens

How we meet your functional needs

If you previously checked our website, you probably found the list of features we provide for hotel and its guests. It is not uncommon that many hoteliers find some features missing. We know that and this is why we provide you with an option to develop additional features only for your application. We will design the user flow, sketch how they can look like and build them for you.

You can also decide to turn off some of the features that we currently have. As was mentioned previously, you don’t have to allow your guests to order services via application. You can also decide to turn off live chat, hotel and cleaning service, taxi request or wake-up call.


How we meet your organizational needs

We can create separated administration accounts for your departments. These departments will take care only of the requests included in their agenda e. g. wellness staff will take care of massage, sauna or pool inquiries and wellness chat. This way, you can ensure that appropriate people handle guests’ requests and on top of that, guests can enjoy faster response.


Now you should be pretty sure about if we can be a good fit for your hotel/hotels or not. Of course, as I didn’t want to make this post a book, I couldn’t be that specific. If you want to learn more about how we can adjust our application based on your hotel’s needs, ask me in comments or contact us today!


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