Top 5 Features To Make Your Hotel App Stand out in the Crowd

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“App trends come and go, but unique apps are never out of style.”


It’s the same with the hotel industry. With the coming of mobile, hotel business has changed. An On Demand hotel app is allowing hotel businesses to flourish in the hyper-competitive market. With 70% of the travelers booking rooms within 24 hours are using a mobile device and more than 60% downloads the best apps for hotels for their upcoming trip during every holiday.

Moreover, with app store growing every day by over 1.5K apps, it is important for your hotel app not to get lost in the whirlpool of app stores. Before jumping to any conclusion on how to take a stand for your hotel mobile app, it is important to know which kind of features, a customer actually want to find in your hotel mobile app.

As many travelers have become accustomed to use their mobile as a travel companion, from getting directions to learn about their surrounding in a foreign land. Thus, it has become equally is important, for your hotel to invest in a mobile concierge to inform and engage your customers.

What is secret sauce to make your mobile solution stand out as the best apps for hotel? The answer is a little complicated, but achievable. You need to turn your hotel app into something unique, and helpful for guests.

Here in the blog, we have tried to outline the essential features that a customer actually want to see in your on demand hotel app. Behold these effective features, implement them and you will be on your highway.


1. Integrate Exclusive In-Hotel Features

In-hotel features in your app will help to improve the interaction of your customers with your business without wasting their precious time. For this, you may integrate the following steps in your hotel mobile app:

  • Have a section in your hotel mobile app where guests can quickly contact the front desk and your staffs to request services or ask questions. In this section, mention the phone numbers and emails that all guests will expect in your app.
  • Amenities available in a hotel helps to distinguish them from other competitors. Showcasing what makes a property unique and the services that guest can get when they come to your hotel can be conveyed through apps for hotels. It is surely going to shower more bookings every day.
  • Share your in-hotel offerings through apps. Such as wine tastings, yoga or zen classes or maybe Zumba lessons, your guest must stay aware of such information. Add descriptions, time and location to hype more interests in your guests.


2. Let Your Hotel App Act as a Local Guide

Why just an information sharing device, let your hotel app acts as the local guide for every guest.

  • Well, not all your guest is going to have cars, so showing which places are within walking distances and best for local dining through your hotel mobile apps can be effective.
  • Showing exact locations of nearby venues through an integrated Google Map is a great feature every hotel apps.
  • The best apps for hotels make sure to tell their guest about local shopping hubs along with direction, description, contact and hours.
  • Give them a galore of transport options from car rental to shuttle services through your hotel mobile app.
  • Give them a list of information like “things to do” and the “local events” which guests can attend when they arrive for a vacation. This type of local information will make guest keep coming back to your hotel finding app.


3. Make Apps Acts as Your Front Desk Manager

Make things simpler for your guests. From checkout to booking let them do everything at their fingertips.

  • With the coming of modern hotel apps, guest is surely going to book their first stay through these services. Return guests who were satisfied with their stay, will book again, but this time from your on demand hotel app.
  • Allow your guests to check out directly from the hotel mobile app which they have downloaded during their stay.
  • Showcasing exclusive rates and packages for your rooms, dine-in, and restaurants is going to add more value to your hotel and your on demand hotel mobile app.


4. Make Your Hotel App Customer Friendly

Some of the particular hotel mobile app features must be customer friendly so that your guests keep coming back.

  • Giving access to your hotel’s loyalty programs through your hotel app entice guests to keep coming back to your app and increase rewards or brownies.
  • The apps for hotels must have a place for guest to add their feedback. Since feedback is a great thing to let you win some tangible ROI through your on demand hotel app.


5. Let Your Customers Have a Direct Access to Their Suites or Rooms

Customers will enjoy some particular features on your hotel app that will let them customize their stay in your hotel.

  • Say if you allow your guests to order room service through hotel mobile apps, then it is surely going to impress your guests.
  • Let your guest control their room temperature, operate the TV, gadgets, AC or other amenities through mobile apps.


Raise the Toast!

A hotel mobile app is one of the most important marketing strategies for any hotel business. But to be effective, your hotel app needs to be engaging, convenient and most importantly reach your potential customers in no time.

So is your hotel app having the features listed above? If not, it’s high time to look for available options and have these little tweaks implemented right on!


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