5 Funny Memes Describing Feelings of Hotel Employees

Funny hotel employee meme

Working in the hotel is not always easy. Many times you have to work hard and people (guests) will not be satisfied anyway. To cheer you up (and to show I really undertand your job), I created several funny memes describing how you sometimes feel like. Let’s have a little bit of fun!


1.) Aww those “everything-is-perfect” guys

Negative reviews
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2.) Front-desk might be busy sometimes…

Serving your guests in real time

3.) Repetition is the mother of knowledge…

Hotel information

4.) Sometimes you feel like a hero…

Guest's problem solving

5.) Say cheese…

Smiling receptionist

I would like to encourage you share your own feelings and memes either here or on our social profiles – Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn! I am looking forward to know you better.

And hotel managers! Share this post with your staff and have fun with them, too!


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