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The most common scenario:

You googled and found a great hotel application that could ease your job as a hotel Marketer or E-commerce manager. You contacted the vendor’s rep and after the conversation, you were 120% sure you gotta have this application implemented in your hotel. However, once you turned to your director or owners of the hotel, they didn’t have the same feeling regarding this app and rejected it. 

Yes, we have experienced this issue so many times I already stopped counting. The problem here is pretty simple: you cannot sell the idea to your executives/owners the same way as a company’s rep can. And it is pretty obvious – reps are trained to do so all the time so they know each aspect of their product and its use.

In this post, I want to present some techniques you should put in place if you want to get management’s agreement regarding the application.


Use business impact

Yes, your management cares about 2 things: how much money can be made or how much money could be saved. Using arguments connected to these 2 things will ensure you the attention of your executives for sure. You can use the following:

  • “Boss, this hotel app will help us sell more services to guests who are in our hotel. You know it is important since online travel agents cut our margin for room booking. I expect we can improve our sales by X %.”
  • “Boss, this application allows us to capture each guest who want some additional service. We will not discourage them by waiting in the queue resulting in more revenue generated.”
  • “Boss, by using this application, we can promote all special offers without the need to print flyers or brochures. We will save X and Y for printing and graphic design. Moreover, we can adapt faster and can prepare more offers more frequently.”

Another business-oriented cases that are not connected to the money (but still working well) are the following ones:

  • “Boss, we can serve our guests faster and anytime so our overall rating might improve by Z.”
  • “Boss, we can earn guest feedback more easily and solve guests’ problems into their satisfaction more efficiently with less harm.”
  • “Boss, we will be the first hotel in the area that provides this feature to its guests. Only one hotel can be the first!”

As you probably sensed, the last 2 examples are connected to customer satisfaction and exclusivity/attractiveness.


App also impacts operations

Your Chief of operations might get also involved, this is why the following arguments might also work:

  • “Boss, do you know Betty from Z (department)? If she could solve the half of the requests via app, she would save Y hours everyday that could be dedicated to X (something there is a lack of).”
  • “By having Todd handling the application during the day, Paula on the front-desk could be less in pressure during busy hours and we wouldn’t loose the money we could earn from services.”
  • “With this application, we can serve our guests during busy check-in times and thus they will not be frustrated or neglected.”

If you can show how hotel application can be beneficial in terms of staff effectivity, it would also help you to get manager’s “YES”.


If you are not sure, invite the rep to meet your directors/owners

Yes, this is probably the easiest possible situation. If you invite your rep to meet the right decision-makers, you will ensure she will discuss all possible doubts and pitfalls that might arise. This step is especially vital if you found the rep to be a great one. In case the rep is not that good, inviting him to meet the directors might not end up well.


If you need to discuss how hotel mobile app can affect your operations or business-related indicators, don’t hesitate to schedule a call with me. I will be glad to discuss it with you. You can also invite me to invite your directors if necessary.


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