Facts & Stats: Hotel Mobile Apps Affect Your Hotels (SlideShare)

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Nearly two years ago, we predicted that hotel mobile applications will become a MUST-HAVE for hotels. This actually made us to build our own hotel application. Today, applications are still not the standard tool every hotel has to provide. However, some recent numbers and demand have shown us that mobile apps in hotel sector are raising pretty quickly.

If you don’t believe me, check Google Trends for the search terms “hotel app“, “hotel mobile app” or “concierge app“. There is an evident buzz around this service with peaks in January and during the summer. Check it on your own below:



Moreover, I did some research and found new interesting findings regarding the use of hotel mobile apps. I included them all in the SlideShare below:


RoomAssistant – Current Hotel Mobile App Statistics from Lukáš Kakalejčík


It is evident that hotel technology is not a play toy anymore. It is a serious tool to generate revenue, guest satisfaction, and allows you to reach your guests anytime during their trip. And the latest research also shows us what inevitable features should be included in the best hotel mobile apps.

It is your call now. Will you adapt to the new behaviour patterns of your guests? Or will you be still refusing them until all your competitors steal your guests?

In case you would like to learn more about how mobile application can ease the life of your guests and fill up your hotel’s piggy bank, don’t hesitate to contact us.

Even if you don’t want our solution, we will help you choose the right one completely free of charge! Why? Because we don’t want your hotels to get stuck in the past. Instead, we want to help you move forward. And we believe that even friendly advice can help you move in some direction.


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