How can guests start using RoomAssistant? (Infographic)

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This is one of the freqently asked questions: “How will our guests know about RoomAssistant and how can they start using it?” To make it easy to digest, I created this short infographic that will guide you through the process:


How can guests start using RoomAssistant

The most important thing is the activation key to the application. As RoomAssistant works in each hotel, the activation key connects the particular guest with the particular hotel. Your front desk staff (or anybody else) will set the date range during which application is active. After this period, the application will automatically shut down and expect the guest to insert another activation key (in case she is going to stay in another hotel where RoomAssistant is available, too).

Guests can also use RoomAssistant prior their stay. Once you have their details, you can create the activation key and send it to them via e-mail. This option allows them to plan their vacation from home without missing anything they might be attracted to. They can already browse your services and you can be in touch with them in case they need some assistance.

Once your guest has the activation key, all she needs to do is to download the application from Google Play or AppStore and insert the activation key. Since this moment, application is ready and guest has an access to your hotel and its possibilities. Simple, right?


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