Study Revealed How Real-Time You Have to Be With Your App

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When thinking about implementation of the mobile application, the majority of hoteliers has one obstacle – will we be able to respond to guest’s requests quickly enough? And this obstacle is really vital expecting that users of mobile devices (especially millennials) want immediate experience. What is the point of using these devices, anyway?

However, the latest research by Alice shown that maybe it is not such a big deal after all. The research revealed that guests are expecting you to respond to their inquiry from mobile app in 18.6 minutes. Not that bad, right? Of course, you are still little bit in rush but responding in 18 minutes is still a realistic goal.

I would say that having a mobile app will buy you some time comparing to the guest coming to the front desk in person. Usually, when people come in person, they are loosing their time by standing in the queue. Sometimes the frustration may arise in case there is somebody in front of them who is eager to have a conversation with your receptionist. On the other hand, when guests use mobile app, they are not tied to one specific place (such as a front desk). They can do what they intended to do and be in the interaction with you at the same time. I would say it’s COOL!


However, you should be able to distinguish between orders and chat messages. If you respond to the order in 18 minutes (by confirming or rejecting it), it’s totally cool. However, in case you receive the chat message, I would say you should be able to solve the whole case or task in 18 minutes. Otherwise, the conversation can take more than an hour and thus, the experience will not be the cutting-edge one.

Anyway, if the response speed was your only concern in terms of having the hotel mobile app, now you might be more sure about if you can make it. And if you can, and want, don’t hesitate to contact us and discuss the possibilities of having RoomAssistant in your hotel!


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