4 Tips to Increase the Installs of Your Hotel Application

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We recently experienced some weird event. Despite the fact hotel mobile apps are cool (guests don’t have to wait on the front desk, they can order hotel services, chat with staff etc.), for many guests it is simply not enough in terms of convincing them to use the application. I have been receiving a many emails or calls containing one particular question: “What added value can we put to the application that will persuade the guests to use it?” 

We thought a little bit and prepare several tips that could help you convince your guests that the application is worth using it.


1. Provide coupons, gifts or benefits

I think this point is somehow obvious. If you can provide coupons or discounts to your or external services, or will please guests with some gift such as a welcome drink, you will definitely win their attention. A trip package or some sort of the contest might be a great motivator, too.


Note: Right now you might think “Ok, dummy, why should we loose our money to make our guests use the application?” And things are getting interesting very quickly. I sort of agree and that is the reason why I thought harder and came with some practical and easy-to-deploy ideas. So let’s continue!


2. Help your guests install the app

When your receptionist finish the pitch containing the information she should continue with an offer “May I help you install the app? It is because you might forget about it.” The most crucial here is the word because. Everything after this word could be made up. A study by Ellen Langer shown that when people were asked for a favor, the compliance rate increased from 60% to more than 90% because of one word – because.


3. Provide a city/area guide

Yes, I know. It is a basic thing you have already considered. However, what about provide the point of interests that are not known by tourists? Instead, provide places that are loved by locals. It will help guests to get to know the city in the different way – pretty cool huh?


4. Use the app in the context during the communication with guests

This call might take a longer time to be successful, however, when played well, it will naturally increase the guests’ curiosity toward the application. The key here is to link each possible step (or action) of the guest to the application itself. Some examples might be “You can check the restaurant menu in the application”, “You can find what to do in the area in the application”, “In case you need something, send me the message via application” etc.


What do you say? Are those examples interesting enough to try? If so, try them in your hotel and let me know which one worked well. And if you want to learn more about how to use mobile application to satisfy your guests and increase your revenue, grab a free copy of my latest eBook! You can also schedule a call with me to discuss how you can use mobile apps in your hotel.


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