3 Hospitality Insights by David Meerman Scott

David Meerman Scott

David Meerman Scott. The online marketing strategist. The author of The New Rules of Marketing and PR which is published in 25 languages with more than 350,000 copies sold and which is must-read for each marketer. In October, the 5th edition of this bestseller was published! The 2nd even changed my life. And you should definitely take time to read his other books, too (it is a pretty interesting list). David is also an incredible speaker.

I am a huge fan of David’s work (I believe many of you are) and I’ve followed his work for a long period of time. David also wrote some posts dedicated to hospitality and today, I would like to share 3 insights I learned from his work.


1.) Know your guests

I recall the story in David’s The New Rules of Sales & Service. David travels a lot. And he is also fan of healthy lifestyle so it is obvious he visits the gym. All hotel gyms use to play loud music. However, David noticed that about 75% of people in the gym wear their own headsets. While these people listen to their music list, or enjoy audiobook, the gym still pumps in the music. The result? “An annoying musical clash” – in David’s own words.

The lesson here is that you should learn who your guests are. And not only in the context of gym. Learn what they like and what they expect from you. Make sure you provide your guest with the tailored customer experience during her whole journey.


2.) Change the communication from one-way to two-way

There are hotels that only push their messages (e.g. on social media) but don’t further interact with people – their guests or potential guests. “There is tremendous value in paying attention to what your existing and potential customers are saying about their experience at your resort or restaurant. Reply and thank people for visiting. Ask about their experience. Share their photo” – David recommends.

Other way, you just do the same old marketing you did before the Internet came. You just use more modern tool to do so. Don’t be like that. Interact with your guests so they can see you actually care.


3.) Provide your guests with content that will help them enjoy their stay

Traveling is not about buying services, it’s about buying the experience. As David suggests, you can inform your guests about what interesting things they can see or do in the area. You can do so via blog or mobile app you provide to your guests.

David also suggests to embrace the food porn. “These days, when people are out at a restaurant, they take more photos of the food they will soon eat than the humans they are with.” To increase your attractiveness, don’t forget to inform your guests about your specials, too.


If you are interested in the full version of David’s posts, check them on the following links:


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  1. Thanks so much for sharing. I was in a gym today and they were playing music. Me and the other people all had headsets. #FAIL

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