Is Mobile App A Good Option For Small Hotels, Inns Or Motels?

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Why just the 3 stars or 5 stars – small hotels, inns or motels all have the equal right to improve their guest and staff experience just like large hotels.

Usually budget has been the barrier, but with significant reduction in the cost of technology today, the budget is no longer a barrier.

Larger hotels do have more budget, so there are chances that small hotels or inns might feel a greater impact. Any positives such as an increase in revenue, or negatives such as staff turnover makes a small property suffer a lot, because they mean a lot to the business bottom line for inns and motels. Above all the customer experience (hospitality) during a stay is something that can cost you a lot if you go wrong. Small hotels count on this, and to address this, they need a constructive solution.

Whether a hotel has 150 rooms or 15,000 rooms, as a hotelier you will surely love to increase the number of bookings and help customer have a great stay. For small hotels, it is quite important to have a bigger chunk of the guest list, increased customer loyalty, and improved brand recognition.

Thus, to address this odd situation small hotels need to be armed with on demand hotel mobile apps. Those apps should be loaded with features to accompany guest as soon as they step into your hotel. What you need to improve is your customer’s experience while their stay. So that they keep coming back, refer your hotel to their friends and families.


Why mobile apps and not websites to improve customer experience during their stay?

Keep in mind that there is a key difference between websites and apps for hotels. What are they?


  1. Websites do help to search for services, but how many among the millennial generation uses it? Will a customer order a food opening their laptop during their stay? NO. They will prefer to order through their smartphone. Apps allow you to increase customer engagement and retention by making it easier to interact especially during your customers stay. From ordering food to calling a porter, asking for the availability of your spa or book a room prior to guest arrival.
  2. Though your websites help in first-time customer acquisition, on demand hotel mobile apps keeps on bringing that customer back for a longer time.
  3. Having a hotel booking app for small hotels make sense since there are a significant number of repeat users. The app allows the customers to view availability, plan the upcoming trips and view events in the local area, send mass messages, collect feedbacks, share them quick manuals that can be helpful during stay.


So this begins your hunt for the hotel mobile app development companies, that can integrate features that not just facilitates your business but looks into customer experience during the stay.

Your guest wants to have the feel good factor during their stay. Yes hospitality is something that makes your hotel rated as 3 Star or 5-Star. And with an on demand hotel mobile app you can improve your hospitality.


How on demand hotel mobile apps provides great hospitality to increase your customer reach?

In a number of ways, the independent hotels have the most to gain from mobile apps, as it allows them to leverage technology to compete with large hotels. It is high time to dig into the main benefits:


An hotel mobile app enables your small inn to have a branded experience

A mobile app is one of the added opportunity to reinforce the hotel’s brand and extend the experience of your guest when they are spending or not spending time on your property. Fill up your app with images of the hotel, have a story to tell and allow your guests to explore the products and services before they step into your hotel. After they check out, you must continue to retain the same experience by engaging them further, ask for feedback and offer discounts on their future stays. Even there are apps that allows you to offer messages to targeted guest and keep the rate of engagement high as always.


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A hotel booking app is most relevant to the current guest habits

Today guest loves to be on their smartphone even when they relax during their holidays. They order their cabs from the phone, check out itineraries or look for local restaurants. So give them the extra option to communicate with your staff over the phone, make the experience convenient to the way they have become used to communicating. Not only this makes their life easier, but also helps to make your hotel stand. Say you can help them order their breakfast or brunch to the room, without even picking up the phone and asking for the Menu. You can integrate customized menu in your app, which customers can browse easily and order for themselves with a few taps.


An hotel finding app allows you to have increased revenues

There are a several numbers of ways to use a mobile app and increase your hotel’s revenue. At first, you need to take advantage of the analytics to understand your guests and upsell in a more suitable way. Since the increased convenience reduces the barrier for guests to spend money on the property whether it is booking a spa or booking a conference room or banquet hall.


What’s Your Take?

Best apps for hotels helps to put the power in the hands of your customers, no matter whether you are a small or a big hotel. The best apps for hotels allow the customers to check themselves into their room and save time when it comes to managing your business. Hotel mobile apps prevent you from wasting time in the administrative task when you could be interacting your guest through apps.

And you a better interaction means that you increase your chance to have more repeat customer to your small inn. Even you gain referral customers, as the happy ones will be speaking about your inn or motel to their friends and will ask to visit your place for a stay.


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