Mobile apps are not just a fancy tool. Learn how to use them!

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There are million ways to promote your hotel that were not available before the digital delirium started. Back in the days, you could only shout or better said, use megaphone, to amplify your message among potential or current customers. Fast forward to 2016 – you have an endless opportunity to communicate with your guests. In real-time! You have all you need – e-mails, social media of all kinds, forums et cetera. And you also have mobile applications. So let’s stick to them for a little bit.

You already heard what benefits can mobile apps bring to your hotel. And some of you already implement it or think about doing so in upcoming period of time. And here comes my goal. I would like to share the mindset connected to mobile apps:

Don’t consider mobile apps to be just some fancy tool. Yeah, these features are pretty cool, there is no doubt about that. But think about it as a Facebook page. Just because you created the page, does it mean you can use it? Does it mean it is beneficial to your business? Not at all. And the same applies when developing or buying mobile app. You need to learn how to use it effectively so it can contribute either to your bottom line or it help you accomplish your other goals.

My point here is simple: don’t look at the mobile app perfunctorily. Instead, try to connect your marketing and sales team and focus on the following points.


The overall appearance of your hotel in the application

I bet you try to impress your social media followers with nice pictures and appealing copy. And you should do the same with the app, too. So, take professional pictures that will stimulate the people’s desire. Don’t forget to follow copywriting rules in order to make them feel emotional about your services. However, I didn’t mean to make them cry. Instead, try to make them imagine their experience and point to what they miss by not trying.

If you can spend hours and hours to prepare brochures or posters or other materials, you can dedicate some time to prepare your screens, too. It can help you gain additional revenue from your current guests.


Push notification strategy

I talked about push notification strategy in one of my previous posts and you can find more details there. The fact I mention it again means that it is really important part of the process. You should definitely discuss how you will use push notifications. The point here is to make sure your special offers are promoted at the right time while don’t seem as spam and unnecessary. Don’t overwhelm your guest with your messages because she will either uninstall the app or turn off the notifications and you will loose the contact with her.

On the other hand, don’t miss the opportunity to interact with your guests, as they are willing to receive your offers on the mobile device during their stay. Try, try and try again in order to find the right balance between what is not enough and what is too much.


Learning, learning, learning

The majority of people hate to learn new things. So they are stuck somewhere and are outpaced by others who were able to adapt and change based on the current needs of the guests or market. Don’t be among them! Instead, follow the trends, try to find additional tricks or tips and use what you have learnt in your favor.

There are many useful sources all over the Internet. And we want to believe that our blog is not an exception. Anyway, your search engine will give you the answer to almost everything you need. And if it doesn’t, don’t hesitate to ask us!


The only thing I want you to remember is the fact that your competition has access to almost all tools and technology you have at your disposal. What makes the difference is the use of it. So, make sure you use it the right way!


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