5 Ways to Make Your Hotel Event More Vibrant on Social Media

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You might argue with me but events are among your best marketing tools. People simply love events! It is a place for them to meet new people (they truly understand the power of networking), have fun, and it is definitely a room for you to find new prospects you can get to your hotel for their or their employees’ business trip.

What people also like is some kind of visibility that is connected with their inner feeling of importance because of their attendance on such an event. And you can increase this inner importance by effective promotion of your event via social media. This will increase the reach our your attendees but can help you build more awareness about yourself, too.

I borrowed several tricks from Guy Kawasaki that I want to share with you in order to give you an inspiration about how to socialize your hotel event in a great fashion. So let’s jump into it!


1. Start with the #Hashtag

Blah! You are maybe tired a little bit of hashtags, however, you should choose a short one that could be used year over year (the evergreen one). The next step should be its integration into all materials you have – website, advertising, catalogues, banners, photo wall (more on this topic later) etc. You should also encourage people to use this hashtag in their Tweets and other posts. Don’t forget to ask your speakers to incorporate it into their slideshare.

The use of hashtag is really important as it can serve as a content hub of your event. It does help attendees and other people who are interested in the event. It will also help you to keep track with attendees’ posts that can work for you as user generated content! You can take this content and retweet it, create a gallery of photos, keep track of blog posts about your event in order to track the sentiment of the event etc. You can also find out if something is wrong pretty quickly and solve it as soon as the problem appears.


2. Dedicate a person to take care of social media

As event is social, promotion on social media needs to be handled by full-time person. It all starts before the event when it is time to promote the event itself in order to ensure the attendance. However, the real work starts during and after the event.

During the event, it is imporant to provide real-time updates about what is going on at the event. Use your own videos and pictures and don’t forget to reshare the posts of other people who are attending. Social media person should also monitor the mentions and their sentiment in order to quickly find out when something is wrong.

After the event, social media person should share posts about the event, another pictures or videos. In this step, it is important to encourage attendees to share their pictures in order to create more awareness about your event.


3. Stream what is happening

With live streaming, you can make people jealous they couldn’t attend. There are several ways to stream the videos from your hotel event – Facebook, Instagram, Google Hangouts – you name it. Even this strategy can help you ensure more Tweets and mentions from broader audience.

You can also use your live stream as a lead generation tool and provide access to your live stream and recordings by exchange for people’s details you can later use in your campaigns.


4. Provide a free WiFi

If you want people to share their pictures and videos from event or even send Tweets about your events, don’t expect they will get charged for that from their mobile network provider. You need to make it as easy as possible for people to access your WiFi and make it work quickly so they do not upload their videos for half an hour.

Moreover, don’t password-protect your network. It is an additional undesirable step your attendees need to take in order to talk about you. Don’t make it difficult for them!


5. Place to take pictures and professional photographer are must-have

Wall covered by the branding of your event is where everybody wants a photo! Ensure there is a good light and professional photographer to make the photos look great. If you are an important and demanded person, or you have people like this at your event, make them ask people to take pictures with them. A photographer can also place a watermark with the logo of your event/hotel and hashtag into each photo.


Professional-looking photo with important people and the branding of your event = many shares across social media and increased visibility for you and your event!


Guy is indeed a clever guy and his advice already proved to work, so I more than suggest to try at least some of these tips. Was there anything else that worked for you fantastically? Share your tips in comments!


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