5 ways mobile applications improve the guest’s experience

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I believe that there are 2 variables responsible for maximization of the utility from using hotel mobile app. The first variable, your hotel, was already discussed several times. However, we shouldn’t forget about your guests, too. You could already recognized many of the benefits for your property. But if your guests will not realize what is in for them, they will not use the app and thus, your planned outcomes will not appear.

The reason why you should know what the app can bring to your guests is pretty simple. If you can effectively communicate unique selling points of the application, you can persuade more guests to use it! Once your guests use the app, you are able to take advantage of it, too.

So, let’s look what your next answer will be if someone asks you why she should download and use your application.


1. No more waiting on the front desk

I think this one is major. Nobody has the time to be wasted. Do you? Perhaps not. By taking advantage of the technology, guests don’t have to visit front desk anymore. The same applies when it comes to table reservation in the restaurant, or zumba class in your fitness. Couple of taps in the app and magic is done.

Some of you might argue that you will not be able to respond quickly. And it is not a problem because the perception of the time is different. Imagine that you are standing in the queue for 15 minutes. And you see the person in front of you is having unnecessary conversation with your staff. Annoying, huh? Now imagine that you send an inquiry via app during sightseeing and you recieve the confirmation in 15 minutes. Was it that bad? I guess it wasn’t. Because you did not loose your time by pointless wasting of your time.


2. Guests don’t have to take an extra mile

This benefit is directly connected to the previous one. In some huge resorts, the term “extra mile” literally comes true. For guests to visit your front desk, it might be a significant time commitment to ask for. This barrier might prevent the guests from ordering your services as long as prevent you from getting additional revenue.


3. All hotel information in guest’s pocket

No, this is not a iPod commercial. With mobile application, guests can access the information about your hotel offerings and activities in the area anytime without performing search. In case the guests need some extra information, they can contact you via live chat and ask for particular questions of their interest.


4. Guests can rate their experience

This one might sound little off the topic, however providing the real-time feedback might actually affects the rest of the guest’s stay. By taking advantage of your proactivity when solving guest’s issue, the guest can boost their experience and leave your hotel with positive feelings. Compare it to booking engines that asks for the feedback 2 days after check-out. Does it still make sense for the guest? I think that it matters only to hotel because it helps them (or not) acquire new guests.


5. Guests don’t have to be in the hotel to be in touch with it

Let’s face it. Many times people don’t accommodate the hotel to visit the hotel. Their main purpose is somewhere else. It might be sightseeing, business meeting or meeting their old friend. But what can they do in case they want to arrange their evening program in your hotel?

Guest hotel application allows guests to contact the hotel anywhere, anytime. They can order your services as much as they can rely on your assistance in case they need advice or get in some trouble. You can assure your guests that you will be their ally in the big world. Who wouldn’t want an ally like this?


I think that abovementioned points are strong enough to make your guests download your application. Anyway, you can still address your active users, ask them what makes them use the app and incorporate it to your pitch. Of course, I will be glad if you share what you learned with me in comments.


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