3 Things Your Hotel is Missing by NOT Having a Mobile App

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If you are a hotelier, you have probably been surrounded by “mobile app here, mobile app there…” talks. The truth is, that Millennials already are your current guests. And you know what? There will be only more tech-savvy people in your hotel, not less. Maybe it’s time to adapt to what your guests need, otherwise you are missing several opportunities. Which ones? This post should outline them for you!


1. Revenue… you will definitely miss revenue!

Even if you don’t care of anything else, you will always keep your eye on the money flow, right?

Imagine Maria, a guest who wants to book some of the service you offer. She comes to your front-desk, however there are so many people that she is not willing to spend her time more than is necessary. She is leaving, you are not earning. 

Imagine Peter, a guest who wants to order some of your service but brochures are the only thing he have at his disposal. The thing is, Peter doesn’t carry your brochure with him all the time so at the moment of urge, he cannot browse your offer and order something. Afterwards he gets into the line on the front desk behind Maria…

And I can go on and on.

77% of tourists plan their trip activities in property. By providing mobile app to them, they have 24/7 access to your offers, activities in the area or staff. They can find what they need and order it, or ask somebody from your staff via live chat first. Moreover, you can promote your services by sending push notifications, or you can drive more sales by using personalized offers.

Imagine Maria now. She wants to order a trip your hotel provides. She picks up her phone, finds the trip of her interest and books it immediately. Afterwards, she is receiving booking confirmation. Money are in the moneybox!


2. You will miss the opportunity to be useful

U-T-I-L-I-T-Y. Don’t let that be only a word spelled… To be truly useful, smiling on your guests when they are around is simply not enough. Utility means to help your guests whenever your help is needed. And the mobile application is certainly a thing that can be useful. I already started by pointing out providing out that mobile app allows the constant access to the relevant information. Let me continue with the following:

  • In case of any need, your guests can reach out to your staff with the particular questions or help requests.
  • They can provide you with their opinion regarding the quality of their stay and thus, improve it.
  • They can easily navigate to your hotel by using the map. You can also share some interesting points of interest.

Even Karelle Lamouche, senior vice president for economy and budget hotels at AccorHotels UK & Ireland, admitted that by implementing new technology, their employees have more quality time to spend with the guests.

Again. I could list more examples but you already have an idea. Key takeaway: Don’t only smile, be useful!


3. You will not distinguish yourself from your competition

Right now, hotel mobile app is still something that is not that common to have. In other words, by implementing mobile app now, you will set yourself to the position of a trendsetter or innovator. This might be your competitive advantage for the upcoming months. However, once mobile apps are extensively adopted in the hotel industry (in several years), you will only follow your competition, and from exceptional solution, only standard service will become.


What should be your next step?

If you made it until this point, you probably believe in what I’m saying, right? You probably expect me to suggest a purchase of hotel mobile application to you. But… this will NOT happen! Instead, what I truly want is to teach you how you can leverage your guests with the hotel mobile application, and how you can use the app for marketing, sales, and exceptional customer service.

My FREE eBook: Your hotel in one App will provide you with all necessary information to build this mindset. You can either download it here or you can share this post below and unlock the access to it. Bon voyage!


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