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When hoteliers contact us for the first time, the price of the application is among the first questions they ask. It is even more frequent question than questions regarding the funcionality of the app itself! Why are you obsessed with the price that much? I understand it is important in terms of budget, however, isn’t it more important to find out if…


The App Is a Good Fit!

Surely, would you purchase any solution just because the price is good? No. So why the price is among the first things you are asking about?

What I suggest first is to find (or determine) your dream hotel app with all bells and whistles. The things is that if you are an independent hotel or hotel chain, you will probably not have enough money to purchase the solution like this. And it is not a problem! In the beginning, it is good to avoid megalomania.

The next step is to find an affordable vendor of the hotel app itself. The vendor might offer you some sort of packages or functionality that is way below your dream app expectations. What is important in this phase is to try the demo of the app and answer the following questions:

  • Does it have the functions that might be useful for your guests from the very beginning?
  • Is provider able to extend the funcionality towards your dream app? If yes, what would be the costs?
  • Can vendor guarantee the price for at least certain period of time?

Why is it vital to ask these questions?

First of all, we suggest hotels to start small. By taking this approach, they can save money in the beginning and extend the functionality based not on the vendor possibilities but based on the guests needs – and increase their satisfaction. And you are certainly not doing this for the vendor, right?

Another very important point. If vendor is not possible to extend the functionality of the app, sooner or later you will have to stick with other vendor. And here comes the frustration. First, your guests will probably have to get to know the new app. There is an assumption that after several months of incentives, you will have something we can call userbase. If you change the app inside out, users (your guests) will notice it. And some of them will not understand the new app, that is for sure!

Last but not least, your staff will have to learn operating a new system. And we are pretty familiar with how people “love” changes.

So, it is pretty obvious price is really not that important question to ask when it come to selection of your new hotel app. Is it?



  1. Determine your dream hotel app.
  2. Look for affordable app providers and try the demo of their app.
  3. Find out if it is possible to get to the level of your dream app and how much it would cost.


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