3 Terrible Stats To Make You Re-think Your Hotel Strategy

RoomAssistant Blog Survey

If you are our regular reader, you probably noticed we published a new quiz several weeks ago. What looked as a fun turned out to reveal 3 shocking outcomes we needed to share with you today! If you can find similarities, you should adjust your hotel strategy a little.   71% of hoteliers stated that from time to … read now

QUIZ: Does your hotel really need a hotel mobile application?

Hotel mobile app QUIZ

Many hoteliers got under the pressure of innovations in the hotel industry. Mobile applications are admittedly among these innovations. However, one really important question arises: “Does every hotel need to innovate its technology?” As we try to be fair with our clients and determine when we are not a good fit for a hotel, I have … read now

FAQ: How can RoomAssistant adapt to your hotel’s needs?

Mobile app in your hotel

If you are a regular reader of our blog, you know that we discuss many topics regarding hotel marketing and hotel mobile app marketing. Nevertheless these posts are useful and popular among our readers, they sometimes don’t answer the questions of our potential customers. This is why I took this space to answer one of the … read now

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