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If you read our eBook or previous post about how to promote your hotel app among guests, you should be able to get your application in front of your guests in the way they will consider it attractive. However, what we didn’t cover are simple obvious facts, such as:

  • Many guests consider your hotel website to be a main source of information about the hotel.
  • Many guests expect your hotel will be in touch via email after booking.

Why not to take advantage of these expectations to promote your hotel application little bit?


What is Embed Code and how it works

It is so simple I don’t know if it deserves its own title. Embed code is a block of HTML code that could be embedded into the source code of your website so it creates an object in doing so. This way, you can create an information about your hotel application and put it into your website or HTML e-mail.

You might ask “Why should I create embed code if I can create a banner that covers all of the information?” Fair question, indeed. There are several benefits of embed codes to be used instead of banners.

The first advantage of having this embed code is that you can add more outbound links to one object – so guests can be navigated directly to AppStore or Google Play to download the application. You can also make it look like a natural element of your website without appearing invasive or spammy (people hate spam and look-alike things). It is also responsive compared to static banner which might become less user friendly on smaller screens. And last but not least, the embed code is often provided by app developers, so you don’t have to put any extra efforts to create it. All you need to do is copy the code and paste it on the place you like.


Where should you place embed code?

The dummy answer – on your website and to your e-mails lol. You should take the overall look of your website into the account. How does your website look like? Does it look like a scrolling landing page? In this case, I would place the embed code on the bottom of the website or create the dedicated section (however, embed code might not be that good option here). Is it a classic website with columns? In this case, I would place the code into the side pannel (column).

Here, only sky is the limit. However, I wouldn’t use the embed code on the pages in the booking checkout process as it can distract users and entice them elsewhere instead of keeping them focused on completion of their reservation. However, it would be nice to mention it on the thank you page.

You should also consider to incorporate your embed code to your emails when communicate with guests especially after their booking (and don’t forget to give them access to the application, too).


You shouldn’t see embed code as a killer app promo – there are certainly more effective ones (as was mentioned in our previous blog posts and eBook). However, it can help as a additional promo tool to make your guests use your application. What other options to promote your application do you use? Share your tricks in comments.


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