QUIZ: Does your hotel really need a hotel mobile application?

Hotel mobile app QUIZ

Many hoteliers got under the pressure of innovations in the hotel industry. Mobile applications are admittedly among these innovations. However, one really important question arises: “Does every hotel need to innovate its technology?”

As we try to be fair with our clients and determine when we are not a good fit for a hotel, I have to say No. At least in terms in hotel mobile application (otherwise it is really great to innovate).

I decided to help hoteliers qualify themselves in terms of innovations in mobile technology so they can see if it makes sense or not to jump into this train. I prepared this short quiz consisting of 8 questions I found important when hotels decide about mobile apps.

In order to take advantage of the hotel application, it is really important to answer these 3 questions positively:

  1. Is there an audience (guests) to use the technology?
  2. Can this technology provide guests with the additional value?
  3. Can my hotel get something extra out of it?

The following quiz will help you get the answers:


Okay so your results are pretty straight. You are either suitable for mobile app or not, or you can reconsider using it to gain an advantage over the competition.

If you are not suitable for mobile app today, it doesn’t necessarily mean your situation will not change in half a year or a year. What I suggest is to save this quiz and re-take it again later – just to make sure you are not missing anything.

If you are suitable for mobile app, you can either contact us or download my free eBook to get more information about how mobile apps can be used for hotel marketing, sales and service.

If you think there are some missing questions in the quiz, submit them in comments and we will add them there!


Quiz: Get your hotel application

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