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New administration

We are fully aware that our customers (hotel staff) seek for perfect user experience. That is the reason why we talk to many of them and listen their suggestions for improvement. For hotel staff, transition to new software might be frustrating despite the fact it can help strengthen their performance. By simplification of the system they use, we want to eliminate their frustration and turn them to engaged and happy users.

And we really took additional step to make it happen. We dived into our administration and made several improvements that should help users feel more comfortable while working with RoomAssistant. Let’s discuss them briefly.



Yes, design is pretty crucial here. Let’s take an easy example: you would rather ride Ferrari or Mercedes because the environment makes you feel great (and engine, of course, too!). We all love things that look awesome. So in the first step, we redesigned the look of administration itself. Check the change from pictures below:



Old RoomAssistant Administration


New RoomAssistant administration



Design is nice but you are surely waiting for something more useful, too. And we did so. We added several tweaks to the functionality that will help you handle the work with your guests, as well:

  1. Know your active users – this feature will help you determine who used your key to log into the application. This will help you ease your communication, as you can start a chat conversation. You will also know that this guest will see your mass message. This comes in handy in case you want to inform about some kind of disorder (e. g. restaurant is closed because of XYZ). Moreover, you can see how many guests acutally use the application.
  2. Filter – is directly connected to the previous feature. Let’s take the previous disorder example. You might want to know who doesn’t know about the disorder. You can simply filter “Inactive users” and see guests who did not receive the message so you know you have to reach them in other way.
  3. Login generation – we removed additional steps that had to be taken during registration of your guests, so you can register them more quickly.
  4. Chat option in notifications – when guests request some service, you have to either accept or refuse it. In case you refuse it, you can start an instant chat with the guest to discuss other options such as change in time, day, etc. It’s up to you!

You can be sure that it is only a start. We prepare additional feature that will allow you to build a long-term relationship with your guests. For now, I will let it covered by the scent of secret. Stay tuned, we will let you know, soon!

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