RoomAssistant & eRevMax – New successful partnership!

RoomAssistant and eRevMax

Today, we signed an agreement with premier, security certified, global software and services house eRevMax – Electronic Revenue Maximization. eRevMax is the leading provider of online distribution, channel connectivity, market intelligence and revenue management solutions to the hospitality industry.

Soon, RoomAssistant will be an integrated part of eRevMax’s platform LIVE OS. It provides hotels a single solution to access multiple applications and service providers (RoomAssistant will be among them, too). Thanks to this solution, our clients will be able to track how RoomAssistant contributes to their bottom line. Moreover, eRevMax opens us doors to more hotels so we will be able to accomplish our mission – make the guest’s stay as comfortable as possible – more easily.

We have been in communication with eRevMax for a month and during ITB Berlin, we actually had an opportunity to meet with a significant part of the team represented by Brian Dass and Eric Trout. We have to say that it is our pleasure to work with such a wonderful team!

We would like to thank to all people involved. We believe that this is only a start of future successful partnership. We are looking forward to make the hospitality world more sophisticated. So, performance-oriented hoteliers, get eRevMax, plug in RoomAssistant and make sure you know the value of various of your channels!


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