RoomAssistant signed with Akaryn Hotel Group

Akaryn Hotel Group RoomAssistant

We are pleased to announce that on December 1, we are launching RoomAssistant in Akaryn Hotel Group. In the first round, the following 3 hotels will be involved:

  • Aleenta Phuket
  • Akyra Beach Club
  • Akyra Thonglor Bangkok

The rest of Akaryn’s hotels will join the application over the upcoming months.

The mobile application Akaryn Hotel Group will be available for smartphones and tablets. Guests will be able to download it in AppStore and Google Play. In the short period of time, additional non-standard features will be added. Thanks to them, the hotel group will be able to build a guest loyalty and also reward it.

The enthusiasm of both partners could not be hidden. As Anchalika Kijkanakorn, Managing Director of Akaryn Hotel Group said: “RoomAssistant team has been a pleasure to work with. Their apps are well made, fit hotelier requirements, and properly priced. The team is proactive and patient as we faced a few glitches during the test run but they were supportive and helpful. We are looking forward to having a long term success and relationship with RoomAssistant.”

“We are more than glad to be a part of Akaryn’s cutting-edge hotels. There are many great people willing to work hard to achieve the perfection. I believe that their willingness will help them get the most out of the application. I am also truly convinced that their approach will help us fine-tune the application itself.” said Matej Majzel, CEO of RoomAssistant.

And how the application might look like? As it is still in preparation, there is not a definitive look of the app available. However, could it look like on the picture below?

Akaryn Hotel Group mobile app RoomAssistant

We are looking forward to having magic moments with Akaryn’s guests and we hope that RoomAssistant will contribute to Akaryn’s guests’ magic moments.

If you want to talk about how RoomAssistant can work in your hotel, schedule a call with me and we will discuss the details.


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