7 Rules You Should Follow When Writing an App Screen Copy


So you decided to use a mobile app as a marketing tool in your hotel. Congrats! But it is not a finish, it is just a start. One of the first things you have to consider is what you want to include within the app and how you want to communicate it. And as obvious and no big deal it sounds, it can cause you a lot of trouble. Today, in this post, I would like to strenght some points you should definitely consider when preparing your copy. Here we go…


1.) Don’t write a teleshopping script

What do you feel when you watch a TV ad promoting cutting-edge special unique pumpkin knife? With free cutting pad if you call in 30 minutes. Perhaps, your internal alarm will send a negative signal to your mind. Don’t let your guest’s gut send the same signal to their minds. When describing your unique selling points, try not to use superlatives but rather clearly describe benefits of your service.


2.) Use words your guests use

Do you have a friend who can say exactly what you think with the exact words you would use? You should want to be friend like that to your guests, too. Talk to them, interview them and focus on words they use when describing your product. Capture these words and use them in your copy.


3.) If possible, use humour

A joke is a quick way to pull down walls among people. Never miss the opportunity to add something funny to your copy. Don’t use stupid jokes or jokes nobody undestands. You should also skip jokes with sexual content and insulting jokes about gender, religion or nationality. Show your joke to 10 people in order to get approval. If they are okay with that, your guests will be, too.


4.) Find emotional connection

Did you know that if you can add emotion to a decision process, you can increase the likelihood of purchase? You should craft a story that your guest will believe he/she is a part of it. You can look up for some ideas during conversation with your customers.


5.) Use your tone of voice

Do you know what the tone of voice is? It is style of language you use when you communicate. Make sure your app screen copy follows the voice of your website, flyers and other promotional stuff. In two words: be consistent!


6.) Don’t forget about the text structure

You might have an experience with the monolithic text which is not reader friendly. Use short paragraphs, bullet points, bold, underlined or italic text. It will help your readers to stay focused on your message.


7.) Don’t make them think

I borrowed the headline from one of Steve Krug’s book. The idea here is to let your guests know what you want them to do in your copy and your call-to-action, too. Do you want them to visit special place? Do you want them to book a massage? Do you want them to share via social media? Make sure they will “get it”. Confusion and unclarity decrease conversion rate.


By following this rules, the readers of your message will be more engaged with your story and it might help you get more sales/shares/participants/whatever. You can use these rules when writing copy for your website, too.

We are definitely sure that this article doesn’t contain all writing rules but we think we covered the most important ones. Which one would you add? Would you like to know more? Feel free to let us know in comments.


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