Should you display the bill to your guests in your hotel app?

Bill in hotel app

It is no secret hotels want to integrate other software solutions with hotel mobile app they purchase. One of the requests we often here from hotels is that they would like to have guest’s bill displayed in their mobile app so guest can check what he ows to the hotel. This is actually really useful feature to have. Especially if guest can immediately pay his bill via app without approaching the reception.

Or not?

If you think about it a little bit, it is a tricky question to answer. Why?

It is not a secret sauce that usability and user experience are key drivers of technology’s success. And quality of hotel technology positively affects the guest’s experience itself. Thus, if we provide guests with the possibility to approach hotel more easily and make this interactions to be less bothering for them, we will surely win the guests’ hearts.

But there is one big but…


Hotel is a business entity with the purpose of making money. In many cases, if you expose your guest to the bill and he sees how much he already spent, he will pull the handbreak and will be less willing to spend more. 


Unexpected, isn’t it? This psychological insight is really important because you have to find the right balance between what will be visible and what will be useful and usable for your guests in their hotel app in order to optimize their satisfaction and your profits.


Expert advice wanted: How would you solve this situation?


Many hoteliers would be certainly glad if they hear the expert advice that would solve this particular situation. So I would like to encourage all experts to share their advice and the possible scenario hotels should evaluate when deciding about the integration of bills into their hotel apps. Many thanks to all contributors!


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