How to Start Using Hotel Mobile Application (SlideShare)

Learn how to use hotel mobile app

For those who decided to stick with hotel mobile applications, I have a message: It is just a beginning! I didn’t mean to terrify you, however, you should understand some basics to not regret the purchase or development of the application later. If you will not able to use the application properly, you will probably blame the application, not yourself. But it doesn’t have to happen!

To avoid your unsatisfaction (we wish you success only), I prepared a short Slideshare that will guide you through 3 basic steps:

  1. How to prepare the application properly
  2. How to promote your application and communicate it’s benefits
  3. How to use the application for marketing, sales and customer service

Within Slideshare, you can also find short video explaining how to communicate the benefits of the application to your guests.

Take your time and click through the slides below:


I know that some of the slides are not self-explaining. However, you can download our FREE eBook by clicking on the banner below this post. You will discover extended tips and actions to master your hotel mobile application.


Additional resources

Although our eBook is not ready yet, some of the topics were already covered in our previous posts. Here is the list you can refer to in case you want learn more:


Now you should be ready to start using hotel mobile application. However, I am willing to answer all your additional questions, so don’t hesitate to leave them in the comments. Moreover, I would like to encourage you to share the challenges you have to face during implementation and use of your hotel mobile application. Thank you all for your participation in discussion.


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