The Anatomy of a Perfect Offer in Hotel Application

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Sometimes I need to repeat it just in case you forgot. Having hotel application in place doesn’t guarantee you any wins unless it is attractive for its users – your guests. Yes, purchasing motivation isn’t based on the technology you use. It is based on the feeling you can create. And today, we are going to look at several elements that should help you create the offer that is really difficult to resist.


Catchy headline

Headline is what takes people’s attention and based on what they decide if they should read read further or not. You can read this post to get several tips on how to write great headlines. You should definitely test what type of headline works better. The clear one describing the benefit? The intriguing question? Try several types and monitor how they work.


Relevant photo

Majority of information are consumed by eyes. Pictures can be really persuasive, if used well. Don’t forget that it is easy to confuse people with the wrong choice of the photo. Try to pick one that clearly supports your offer, ideally capturing some kind of emotion. Be aware of photos that look like stock photos as they might discourage some people.


Pain points and their solution

If you can identify what exact problems your guests have and offer reasonable solution, it is difficult to reject your offer. So the initial step for you is to get to know your guests in order to find out what they are looking for. And give it to them.



If there is no pain point to be solved, it is still good to create a desire towards particular product of yours. So, you need to create an emotion that will beat rational thinking at the moment. Luxury things, an unusual experience and friends’ jealousy are what many people want.


Social proof

Use comments of previous guests to prove how great your service is. People usually believe your product is good when others said it is. The number of people who tried the product is a great statistic to use, too (Tried by 1,000 guests during last 3 months).



What should your guests do? Book? Call you? Let them certainly know what you expect them to do. In hotel application, there is certainly place for your call-to-action button followed by the possibility to finish the booking.



It is not part of the offer itself but it is really important to contact your guests after the offer was seen. First of all, contact some of the guests who booked your offer to thank them or ask them if there is anything else you can do for them. If you have an intelligence that some of the guests saw your offer but didn’t take the action you wanted them to take, contact them and ask them why. You will get either insights to your offer (and possible room for improvement) or you will get more bookings!


It really is not to create rocket science to create a sticky offer once you have great product to offer and the knowledge about your guests. I am certainly sure there are more elements that could icrease the number of offer bookings and I encourage you to share your tips in the comments below!


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