7 Reasons to Turn Your Hotel Brochures Into the Mobile App

Switch your hotel brochure for mobile application

Hotel brochures – unreadable, non-uniformed, impractical to carry. However, latest research conducted by Center for Marketing Technology and International Association of Visitor Information Providers shown that 7 out of 10 tourists and visitors pick-up brochures at their travel destination. Moreover, 95% of visitors had their travel plans influenced by information from a brochures they took. Another important points of the study:

  • 83% of visitors plan to try an attraction highlighted in a brochure or similar guide.
  • 65% of visitors plan to purchase tickets after they pick up the brochure.
  • 86% of hotel front desk staff reports they see guests using brochures always or often.

In just one word – WOW! This is absolutely incredible opportunity to engage your guests and make them spend more during their stay. Now imagine the scenario in which you turn your brochures into a mobile application. You might think “oh boy, you always try to persuade me to do everything with the hotel app“. Let me enlighten you why mobile app is a great supplement (or potentialy substitute) of printed brochures in the following lines. Ready?


1. Mobile apps are user-friendly, provides unified experience and are easily storable.

Yes, the exact opposite of what I said about brochures in the beginning of this post. Mobile apps are build to provide great user experience and usability to its users. Companies who builds them usually takes care of this particular area so users (in our case guests) don’t experience any difficulties. Moreover, brochures take physical space, have some weight and thus, it might not be comfortable to have them in the pocket. On the other hand, mobile app requires only installation – no additional space (except the one in the memory of your smartphone or tablet) is required.


2. It is easier to purchase in the app

The abovementioned study shown that 65% of visitors plan to buy tickets after picking up the brochure. Why only 65%? Because the purchase itself requires bigger commitment. Guests usually have to call, Google search or visit a website and make a purchase. In the mobile app, you can provide an easy way to get these tickets by including the simple order form directly after the offer is presented. As guests’ information about the order goes directly to the responsible person, the only thing guests have to do is to wait on the order confirmation.

In case you don’t want (for some reason) provide the order form, you can either include direct URL link to where the tickets can be bought or clickable telephone number that opens a dial dialog on your smartphone. You should make it easy for your guests to reach out to you.


3. The content can be changed quickly and affordably

Imagine the situation that you plan to promote only temporary offer. Or that you want to change some information in your brochures because you found out they are either not attractive and persuasive enough or something else changed. What would it mean to you? You should re-design the brochures and re-print them. What do I see? A lot of wasteful cost.

In mobile app, you can just add or remove the content (offers and other info) with ease without spending a fortune. Moreover, you can perform more experiments with the content and also make changes to see what really works and what doesn’t. Of course, once you find the best performing formula, you can include it in your printed brochure, too.


4. Mobile apps provide remote assistance

During the purchasing process, guests can have additional questions about the offer or just need an assurance that they will get what they see. The funcionality of mobile apps allow guests to reach out to the right person via live chat, so they can directly ask what they have on mind. In addition, the trained staff on the other side of the line can lead guests towards purchase.

Moreover, as mobile app contains map, it wouldn’t be difficult for guests to find their point of interest.


5. You can focus guest’s attention to the offer you want

As much as guests can reach out to hotel staff, hotel staff can reach out to guests with push notifications. This way, it is easier to promote new services or special offers. It also creates a room for personalization, such as recommendations, that can lead to additional sales.


6. User actions are easily trackable

Yes, when your guests use paper brochures, you cannot check their behaviour until they reach out to you. In mobile application, you can see which services took the majority of attention, which are best performing, so you can easily find a room for improvement – we are back in testing mentioned in the point 3. You can also directly attribute the value of your app to particular offers.


7. Mobile apps are eco-friendly

You can do something not only for your guests but also for your environment. As you abandon printing paper brochures, you will do less harm to our nature.


Pretty convincing points, right? Indeed, hotel mobile application can work really well as a brochure, tourist guide and a map. If you want to learn more about how you can use mobile application for marketing and sales in your hotel, don’t hesitate to read my latest eBook. Click on the banner below to grab your free copy!

If you would like to talk to me about how you can use mobile application in your hotel, don’t hesitate to schedule a call with me!


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