7 Unfair Advantages of Mobile Applications

advantages of mobile apps

The Internet media represented the giant leap for mankind in the era of interruption-based marketing. The majority of businesses (hotels included) have been taking advantage of them until these days. It is nothing special for a company to have a website or social media profiles. However, couple of years ago, the world started to go mobile. This trend started with mobile-optimized websites. Afterwards, it continued with the increment in number of mobile applications. Right now, there are 2.2 million applications available for Android users and 2 million applications available for Apple users (Source: Statista).

There must be something that makes people use mobile applications. Moreover, there are several reasons why they can be beneficial to your business, too. And in some cases, they can be even more beneficial for your hotel than your website, e-mail or social media. I don’t say that online media are useless. They should not be replaced. However, mobile apps can come in handy as an additional communication channel.

Let’s dive into the unfair advantages of mobile applications compared to broadly-used online media:


1. Mobile devices are usually in the pocket of your guests

Is your smartphone close to you during the majority of the day? Mine is at my fingertips for the whole day, too. Consider it as an instant access to almost all of your guests.


2. Mobile apps are faster than websites

Yes, the speed many times matters the most. As the application runs on the server of the app developer instead of the website hosting company, app provider can ensure that the application is fast in each hotel.


3. Mobile apps are easier to use

Many websites have responsible design that ensures the website is user-friendly on mobile devices, too. However, mobile apps were developed to meet the usability expectations of each mobile device. Added functionality can even improve the user experience of your guests.


4. Mobile apps don’t “turn off”

Applications are still active. Your guests don’t have to actively use them, however, they can still receive messages in the form of notification. Pretty cool, huh?


5. Majority of e-mails are considered to be spam

We receive so many emails that cause clutter in our inbox, that after some time we consider them to be spam and simply don’t open them.


6. It is more difficult to stop using mobile app

How easy is to unsubscribe from email list? A matter of one click. How difficult is to uninstall the application? Some people even don’t know how to do it. Thus, stop using the mobile app is a bigger commitment.


7. Mobile app reduces the “noise” of the Internet

If you use Facebook, it is easy to loose your attention and click on something more interesting. In the app, even if guest clicks away, she still sees only your hotel and its services.


You explored the advantages of mobile apps that can unlock new opportunities for your hotel. What are your experience gained by using mobile apps? Did they contribute to your bottom line? Share your experience with us!


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