7 Clever Examples of Using Push Notifications (Video)

Push Notifications Hotel Mobile App

Push notifications represent one of the major features mobile application gives to the hotelier’s hand. There are messages that pop up on a mobile device in the similar way like incoming SMS or email. However, many hoteliers still don’t understand their potential a little bit.

What I value the most about push notifications is that they are action drivers. If you cannot imagine what it could mean, they are able to drive:

  • Sales – you can use them to stimulate guests to purchase additional services you provide.
  • Engagement – you can make your guests visit events you handle, or drive social media actions.
  • Fun – you can make the day of your guests by entertaining them.
  • Customer satisfaction – you can quickly remind your guests you actually care about them.
  • Knowledge – you can push your guests to give you their feedback or to have a conversation about their pain points.

To give you more concrete idea, we prepared this short video with 7 examples of their use. So, click play and learn!


You can employ almost all of these tactics immediately and find out if they make sense or not. As we also love learning, if you have any additional idea about how to use push notifications, let us know in comments. We will be glad to re-share your idea to other hoteliers that can find it valuable.

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