Weapons of Influence For Your Hotel Marketing and Sales Strategy (Part 1)

Weapons of influence

You probably heard about 6 principles of influence, the theory of bestselling author Robert Cialdini. This theory describes how human behavior can be affected by using Weapons of Influence. Nowadays, these weapons are widely used in marketing and sales. And your hotel should not be exception as these weapons can ensure you more sales. Today, you will learn how to incorporate these principles to your strategy. Buckle up!


1. Reciprocity

Reciprocity is based on return of favor. If you provide something to somebody, he/she is probably willing to return the favor by giving you something bigger. How can you use it? Try to give something to your guests. For free. And then ask them to “return the favor”. What favor do I talk about? Ask them to purchase some of your paid service, sign up to loyalty program or ask for referrals.

However, you should test how far you can go with what you ask for. And of course, you should be able to calculate the return on “investment”, too. If the outcome you receive is higher than what you have to hand out for free and your guests don’t feel tricked, it is definitely worth it!


2. Commitment and Consistency

Commitment and consistency is based on fact that people are more willing to buy or support something if they shown initial interest in it before. What does it mean to you? Two words: lead generation. You have variety of options to capture attention of your potential guests:

  • create engaging contests,
  • publish blog posts and make people sign up to your newsletter,
  • provide valuable piece of content in exchange for details of your potential guests.

Mentioned are only some of the options that are commonly used. You can also develop your own way to capture the leads – only sky is the limit here. Don’t forget about your previous guests. They already shown interest in your hotel. And if they were satisfied, they will be open to communication with you. Use these contacts and nurture them with personalized messages. You can find several affordable solutions for marketing automation, e. g. MailChimp.


3. Social proof

Social proof is an event when people do something because somebody did the same thing before. When many people did it, it builds trust in your services. To achieve that, you can use following:

  • reviews (you can read my previous post about using TripAdvisor widgets to improve social proof)
  • testimonials
  • expert talks
  • counters of previous guests (how many people did you serve), shares (indicates the quality of the content), views (indicate how many people were interested in. Be careful about using this counter with reservations counter – it might show low conversion rate) et cetera.

If you have different audiences (regular travellers, business travellers), make sure you provide relevant testimonial from people that shares similar features as your audience. Don’t forget to place them on the important places (e. g. checkout) and make them prominent enough to capture attention.


And what about the rest of the weapons of influence? You can read Part 2 in order to learn about more of them.


Anyway, did you use any of mentioned practices? Let us know in comments how it worked for you.


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