4 Simple Reasons Why Implement Mobile Apps

Mobile app for Hotels

Do you remember the marketing era before the Internet developed into world changer? If you were deciding about what media to use when promoting your hotel, you had only several options, connected with something that is called traditional media. You could use print, TV, radio or rely on word-of-mouth. Fast forward to 2015. You can choose from enormeous volume of tools and media to let the world know about you.

You can still choose traditional media but you have a variety of cheaper options at your disposal. You can try social media, PPC ads, e-mails and I would continue until tomorrow with possibilities. Today, I’d like to explain why guest hotel apps could be benefitial part of your marketing and sales puzzle. No more blah blah blah, let’s dive in!


1.) All-in-one tool

With mobile apps, you don’t have to create several social media profiles, design website, create reservation system or build e-mail database. Within a mobile app, you are equipped with a complex communication tool that connects them all. Moreover, if you are data-driven, you will appreciate the ease of tracking configuration as you do not have to connect all tools which usually cause errors in tracking. In addition, if you use unique login for users, you will eliminate the difficulty of multi-device (omniture) user tracking.


2.) Your message will not end up in SPAM

How easy is for people to just ignore your e-mail? We can certainly say that it is not a difficult task. Moreover, some people do not pay attention to messages with certain labels (such as Ads in Gmail). On the other hands messages sent from the app, push notifications, are shown in notification bar of tablet or smartphone, often with sound accompaniment so the user will notice it in real time. It is especially crucial when we observe the limited reach of social media posts or more clever SPAM filters. Moreover, the research by Apigee shown that 85% people would rather give up drinking water than uninstall their mobile apps!


3.) The app is placed deeper in the sales funnel

You will probably agree with me when I say that the download and installation of the application respresents deeper commitment towards hotel. So you can assume that users, in this case your guests, will be more engaged and open to use the app and follow your message. Moreover, the well-known old rule takes place – it is easier to make the same person pay twice than create two customers. Your guests already paid (or are going to) for the room in your hotel! How difficult would be make them pay again for an additional service?


4.) If you are not implementing it now, you will, soon, anyway.

All of the data we have at our disposal show us that mobile apps are not just a buzzword but the use of them is a growing trend. So, if you decide not to implement it now, this trend will push you to look for this solution later on. If you launch the app today, you can gain a competitive advantage against your competitors, especially if your guests are early adopters of emerging technologies. The decision is up to you – will you be the trendsetter or follower?


I think that from this post, it is pretty straightforward that you cannot pretend like the mobile apps don’t exist. Because they do. And they are pretty effective at doing their job. Did you impement mobile app, too? What did persuade you? Do you have more thoughts about why hotels should employ mobile apps? Feel free to share them in comments!


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