3 Reasons Why Not Provide Your Guests With Your Own Devices

Mobile app vs. tablet

Some of the hotels have realized that modern digital devices are step forward when trying to ensure comfort of their guests. And some of them goes even further and provide their guests with their own machines or tablets they can use during their stay. And it is great!

As fans of mobile applications, we try to find easier ways of providing the same comfort. I don’t say that all abovementioned is not good because the opposite is the truth. However, I would like to provide some of our opinions into why just handing out simple mobile app might be a better, and certainly more affordable, option. Ready?


1.) Guests are more comfortable with their own devices

Yes. When I have to use other devices instead of mine, it always makes me a little bit strange. And here is why. I feel more comfortable by using my own device because I know how to use it. I don’t have to learn how to handle new one. Some of the devices might also be less user friendly than the current device of guests. For example, Apple users might feel less comfortable by using tablets with Android and vice versa.

The security might be additional deal-breaker. Users don’t know those devices and thus, they may be worried about their monitoring or tracking. Especially in case when they have to provide hotel with their personal details. So, please, consider it.


2.) Guests usually cannot (or don’t want to) take the device out of the hotel

We believe that guests primarily don’t visit hotel because of what hotel offers but because of what the area offers. Based on this, we assume that they don’t spend much time in the hotel. If you provide your guests with tablets, can they use it while they are out? Would they take this, lets say, not very small device solely to be in touch with you? Based on these assumptions, can you market them effectively?

On the other hand, if you provide them with the mobile app that is installed in their smartphone, you can have a steady connection with them during their stay. In other words, you can keep it real-time because people usually have their phones anywhere they are. In addition, when they leave the hotel, you can still keem them posted via mobile app and potentially, make them come again. On the contrary, if you provide them with your own device, you usually loose the contact with them in the second they leave.


3.) Mobile application is more affordable

How much do you have to pay for all of those devices you provide to your guests? And what is the additional costs of the application itself? Sum it up. Not cheap, huh?

When you provide your guests solely with mobile application, you can take advantage of their own devices. You don’t have to worry about any damage (nevertheless you are insured). You don’t have to upgrade your devices after some time. No trouble.

If you use some of the developed solutions (e.g. RoomAssistant), you will also cut your development costs. If you compare those two options, which one is more favourable?


With this article, I didn’t invite the wheel. The only thing I used is the common sense. I hope this post will help you be more effective when deciding about the solution you plan to implement in your hotel.


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